Wedding Favors Go Green

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There are so many different ways for you to turn your wedding ceremony and reception into a greener, more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible event. Allow your wedding favors to go green, for example, and help the environment while saving yourself some money in the process.

- Rather than using traditional favors, donate between $1 and $2 per guest to your favorite environmental association or organization and print something in the programs to let your guests know about it.

- Visit a website like where you can find out about a multitude of different ways to raise money for charity through wedding favors, honey moon and even your gift registry.

 - Give each and every one of your guests an 11-watt compact fluorescent light bulb. By replacing a 50 watt incandescent bulb with their wedding favor, each of your guests will be saving an incredible 685 lbs worth of carbon dioxide, counteracting the carbon dioxide that was released into the atmosphere by your guests traveling to your wedding. Carbon dioxide released into the air contributes to global warming, so this particular wedding favor could be doing a world of good.

- Consider gifting something recycled and handmade, such as a handmade paper bookmark with wildflower seeds embedded inside. This is an extremely beautiful, thoughtful and useful gift that your guests will get enjoyment out of after the wedding. If you do not want to give a bookmark, consider individually packaging a small envelope of wildflower seeds for each of your guests.

- Get tree saplings from the National Arbor Day Foundation, available through and give them to each of your guests.

- There are a number of edible earth friendly wedding favors, including delicious organic milk and dark chocolate candy bars that are earth friendly and elegant. Each of these bars comes with an at risk animal featured on its cover, and the covers come in enough colors that there is no doubt you'll be able to find one that suits the colors of your special event.

The Green World Project, available at offers evergreen tree seedling favors that come presented in a stylish little tube with instructions both on using the tube as a bird feeder, and planting the tree sapling!

- There are also a number of companies out there that specifically craft wedding favors that are environmentally responsible and eco friendly, such as Favors 4 Wedding, located at, which offers a myriad of different and unique wedding favors including seed favors and flower bulb wedding favors that come in a multitude of different design options and color options as well.

- You may also consider simply opting for something handmade. Paint pictures for all of your guests, or write them special messages. Create handmade bookmarks or other unique favors. Tie in something natural, biodegradable, reusable, or otherwise ecologically friendly and you have a treat that your guests will surely love.

Turning your wedding reception and ceremony into a green celebration is not difficult, it only takes a little bit of creativity and a serious love for the world around you.

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