Watch Hulk in Green Mode

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The next time you watch a movie, or play games on your home theatre system, ask yourself the following question: “Self, is my system eco-friendly?” And if self cannot truthfully answer the question, ask yourself this: “Self, what do I have to do to have an eco-friendly home theatre system?” The answer is right here! Read on...

While having a home theatre system is almost compulsory for many people, the thought of an eco-friendly “green” home theatre system probably doesn’t cross the minds of many home owners. It should though from the screen to the theater seating and in fact all home theater furniture you can make eco friendly. If you see how simple it is to do your bit in saving energy, you'd probably do it.

green_theater1_lgThe one thing that every home theatre system needs to work is energy. If there’s no electricity, there’s no entertainment. It’s a simple equation. It gets more complicated though. What if you want to do your bit to help preserve the environment? Then you have to start looking at alternative ways of screening movies and games. Fortunately, this is not rocket science. Modern-day entertainment manufacturers offer a wide range of LED products, which save a lot of energy. The humble LED is no longer found only in your digital clock. It’s been put to use in a myriad of different places, even cars. Consider the LED TV, which is one of the more entertaining options as far as LED technology is concerned. It not only comes in HD format, but saves up to 40 per cent on energy! Now if that’s not enough reason to switch, nothing will persuade you. As for projectors, these have come a long way too. An LED projector offers lamp-life of up to ten times more than a traditional projector. This means a HUGE saving, since projector lamps are often very expensive.

And why stop at the screen? If you're going to go green, go green as much as you can. Make the Hulk look like a single blade of grass when compared to your magnificent home theatre system. Get your hands on green furniture. Check that the chairs or couches you purchase were made with the environment in mind. It’s small little things like this that can make a big overall impact.

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