Top Eco-Friendly Resolutions for 2008

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It’s a new year and time for all those new resolutions to loss weight, shape up, keep the lawn mowed and save money. How about adding some eco-friendly resolutions to that list? They will probably be the easiest to keep, and you can still have cookies without guilt! Here are some resolution ideas for the New Year:

Practice eco-friendly gift giving
Purchase gifts that are from local artists and craftspeople, give tickets to plays or concerts, give gifts made from recycled materials, give charitable donations as gifts, give organic gifts, and for kids, give gifts that are made from natural materials, sans lead paint. Wrap gifts in recycled wrapping paper or gift bags and skip the ribbon.

Buy local and organic
Organically grown foods have much less negative impact on the environment and are better for you. Buying locally grown assures freshness and helps your local economy and family farmers.

Use the care less
Most car trips are less than five miles. Bunch your errands together, or walk or bike there. Carpool to work and other places.

Reduce, reuse and recycle
Probably no explanation needed here, but take stock of all the things you toss in the garbage. Could they be recycled or reused? Could they be donated (clothes, furniture, that ugly lamp that someone might think is pretty)? Be creative and think outside the box when looking for ways to reuse.  And don’t forget to reduce. Just use less and buy less.

Don’t travel by air
Can you vacation closer to home? Approximately 16,000 commercial jets exist in the world and produce more than 600 million tons of CO2 every year!

Do your part to save energy in your home
Turn the heat down by one degree; turn the TV off and your PC too. Take shorter showers and launder your clothes in cold water. Use energy saving light bulbs and practice xeriscaping in your yard and garden. Make sure that your furnace and water heater are working properly.

Start a compost pile
Composting is easy and sort of fun. You will be recycling food scraps instead of putting them in a landfill and your garden will love it!

Use less paper
Send electronic greeting cards instead of paper ones. And ask the companies you get bills and statements from to send them to you electronically, then pay your bills online.

Do things with the kids
Instead of letting the kids sit in front of the TV or computer all day, do things with them. Build baking soda and vinegar volcanoes, learn to knit together, read books, give them their own section of garden to tend, buy them a starter camera and help them learn the finer points of photography. This is better ecologically and better for building great relationships with your family.

There are probably many, many more eco-friendly resolutions that can be made. Don’t forget to add a few to your New Year’s list!

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