Three Ways to Go Green Online

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Go green with all of your paper-related needs! Thanks to online printing, you can save time, money, and the environment.

Mother Earth is in pain. And the cause of her pain is our foolishness. We, through excessive use of non-renewable resources, have played with the delicate balance between nature and life. Pollution is on the rise. The ozone layer is depleting. Glaciers are melting due to global warming. More and more endangered species are becoming extinct. And the worst part is that we have knowingly brought these disastrous changes. Some time back, environmentalists came up with the concept of ‘Go Green’. It tried to bring simple yet effective changes in our lifestyle by replacing conventional items with eco friendly products.

Today, a large chunk of the global population has embraced ‘Go Green’ concept to save earth, and thus save life. Judicious use of paper can help save paper to a great extent. There is another way you can save paper. Web-based printing, by saving time and money, helps us save the environment too.

Do you want to go green online? Here are three ways to help you save earth.

Video Conferencing: This eliminates the need to commute from one place to another, thus saving time and fuel. Real-time collaboration allows people to meet face-to-face. Today, Green IT companies are using this facility to cut down costs, and conserve resources.

Marketing & Sales Meetings: Large businesses, having offices in different parts of the world, hold annual meetings to discuss sales and marketing strategies. People, therefore, are required to travel from one country to another. This facilitates wastage of valuable fuel. This can be addressed by using the Internet to organize business conferences.

Emails: You can transmit ‘Go Green’ message by using an automated signature in your email that says ‘Print only if necessary. Save paper, Save Earth’.

There can be more innovative ways to conserve our planet. Let us join hands in saving our planet.

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