The Green Garmento—A Unique and Practical Alternative for All your Laundry and Dry Cleaning

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Green Dry Cleaners are popping up all over. Gone are the petroleum based solvents and the odors associated with them. Yet, dry cleaners continue to deliver your garments in flimsy plastic bags that add 300 million pounds of garbage to our landfills each year.  Now, you have a viable alternative—The Green Garmento.

Those of us that have “gone green” switched from paper or plastic at the supermarket to reusable bags made from recycled materials. Now, we can do the same for our laundry and dry cleaning.  The Green Garmento is four bags in one. Depending on how you fold it, it transforms from a laundry bag, to a hamper, to a duffel or garment bag. Buy two and while one is left at the cleaners, the other is at home collecting more dirty clothes.

green_garmento2The Green Garmento is made of water-resistant, breathable material that withstands countless machine washings. It can hold up to fourteen garments and has easy access with a full-length zipper. The wide side gussets, maintain wrinkle-free storage and a reinforced shoulder strap is strong and secure. Custom logos are available making The Green Garmento a perfect marketing tool and retail item for any dry cleaning establishment.  There’s even a clear window for a customer ID or dry cleaning ticket.

My favorite use for The Green Garmento is for the gym. I pack my work outfits the night before in the garment bag. Since, I go straight to the office after my workout; I hang the bag at the end of the locker aisle. My garments emerge clean, pressed and dry even in bad weather. Thanks to the Green Garmento, I arrive at work looking sharp and professional.

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