The Future of Food: A Documentary by Deborah Koons Garcia

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A Review by Elaine Webster

future_food_200The Future of Food recently caught my eye at the Windsor branch of the Sonoma County Library. I stared at it for a second, thinking that I must have seen it before, since it was originally released in 2004.  Then, it was only a year later, GE-Free Sonoma County’s Ballot Initiative failed by a narrow margin.  At the time I thought I knew all I needed about the process and voted accordingly—so no need to be better educated. However, when I popped this DVD into my home player, I realized that the initiative would not have failed if the public was better educated.

Food is power on this planet and the scientists that first worked these programs were well-intentioned.  What better way to fight famine than to create foods that are resistant to pests and disease? After watching this professionally produced documentary I understood the politics behind GMO crops and the risks they pose to farmers, our health, and the environment.

The video is readily available through libraries and can be purchased on the website:  The film continues to be shown throughout the world and is available in most major languages and public screening rights are also available.

The recent worldwide protest, March Against Monsanto, took place in fifty countries begging that we Take our Planet Back. Over Four hundred marches with more than 200,000 participants brought Monsanto’s monopoly over the world’s food supply, including patenting rights over seeds and genetic makeup to the forefront.  Much of the collapse among the world’s bee population has been linked to GMO seeds.

What can you do?

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  • Vote with your dollar by buying organic.
  • Encourage and patronize companies that label GMO foods.
  • Plant your own garden with organically produced seeds.
  • Encourage urban and community gardens.
  • Educate your community about the risks that GMOs have and continue to cause around the globe.
  • Have questions? Watch and share this video.
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