Support Your Local Farmers’ Market!

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If you want to reduce your ecological footprint, support your local community, and eat better on top of it, you need to look into your local farmer’s market.  Depending on your growing season, you’ll find that your local farmer’s market might run for a healthy portion of the year, and even if you live in large city, there is most likely a place where the local farmers go to sell their produce.

When you shop at a local farmers’ market, you do your part to stimulate the local economy and encourage your dollars to stay in the local area, enriching the people who are essentially your neighbors.  Supporting your local farmers' market can help improve your entire town or county, and is a great way to reinforce the bonds of community.

By shopping at the local farmers market you are also helping to reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burned and released into our atmosphere.  Shipping foods over a long distance is something that requires truly enormous amounts fuel, and when you buy at your local farmers’ market, you help reduce that amount.  Local farmers also dont need to factor in the cost of shipping into the final price of your fruits and vegetables, which can result in a very happy wallet!

When you head to the local farmers’ market, you’ll find that you will have a wide variety of foods that will allow you to eat quite adventurously.  Many markets will have organic vegetables that have been grown locally, but you will also find that there is meat that has been humanely raised and slaughtered as well as eggs that come from chickens that are not kept in small 1 x 1 foot cages.  If you live in the right area, you may also take advantage of honey that has been created using local plants, which makes for a very tasty treat.  On top of all of this, you’ll find that the food that you get is much fresher, has not been frozen and will generally taste better as well!

Take the time to make sure that you have checked your local farmers’ market for your needs, and give the localvore diet a try!

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