Solar Water Heaters

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Instead of running up your energy bill when you use hot water, you can use a new alternative method.  Solar water heaters utilize the energy from the sun to heat the water.  The initial price for a solar water heater is slightly more pricey than a regular water heater.  In return, the purchase will pay for itself when you see the amount of money that it saves you on your power bill.  

The newer solar water heaters are much more affordable than they were when the models were first introduced to the economy in the 70s and 80s.  For a regular climate system, you can have a solar water heater installed for around $2000.  To compare the savings on the electricity bill, the annual price for a solar powered water heater is around $50, while a regular unit will cost around $500 or more depending on the usage.  

The basic method behind a solar water heater is it works as a pre-heater for a regular water heater.  They also work well with water heaters that have a temperature adjustment option.  Because the solar system works to pre-heat the water, the extra use of the regular heater is low, and in turn it will save you a lot of savings per month.  

If you are considering installing this new solar option, then you will have an even better option with a roof that slopes to the South.  This will also make the installation much easier and the product will run more efficiently.  Most of the families that live higher in the North will use the solar product during the warmer months and then use the regular water heater when the season is the most cold.  

Before installing your new solar water heater, look for a licensed installer and dealer who can help you design your backup system effectively.  You can also inquire about their certifications and ask for referrals from previous clients.  You should start the planning process of the solar water heater now.  Most people forget about their water heating operation under the system fails and they are forced to get a new one.  In turn, we wind up going out to the nearest department store and buying whatever we can so that we will have hot water.  Instead, research the various solar water heater systems before your hot water heater fails.  Find a system that will meet your lifestyle and your needs.  

Keep in mind that normal water heaters will have a regular life span of around ten to fifteen years max.  You should be prepared for the unexpected.  Solar water heaters are not very difficult to find in our world today.  Large home improvement stores now carry them as well as individual dealers.  Make sure that you shop around for the best deal before committing to one style.  The energy savings of a solar powered hot water heater will save you money not only annually, but in the event that the regular hot water heater were to fail.  You can feel good knowing that you are saving money and that you are helping the environment.

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