Solar Energy

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Our fossil fuels are currently burning out.  Experts have suggested that within the next 50 years, our fossil fuels supplies will be gone.  Most of our energy comes from fossil fuels, but the it causes a lot of pollution.  If this fuel resource were to burn out, we could have many problems generating power for vehicles.  One of the best methods of power generation that companies have discovered is solar power.  

Solar power is a wonderful resource because it is always available, it is clean, and there is no pollution associated with it.  The energy is generated with solar panels which gather the sunlight and convert it into electricity.  Cars are not the only items using solar energy.  Factories and homes are also making use of this new development.  Solar panels on homes was not very common in earlier years.  Many home owners who wanted to have a modernized home would try this energy saving method.  Back then, you would see only a few homes once in a while with the solar panels on their roofs. 

In our world today, almost every home has some form of solar energy resource.  Homeowners can place the solar panels on their roofs, many of which are very discreet.  You do not have to use extra land or space that you are already using.   The excess power that is provided by the power company can be sold back to the utility company.  You will reduce the price of your electric bill even when you are not tapping into the solar power.  

We have been dependant on the use of fossil fuel for many years, and many people have just now realized the ending result for the environment.  As I mentioned earlier, we are now experiencing the beginnings of global warming and the effect that pollution has on the environment.  The recyclable forms of energy are now being used because the resources are running out.  Solar power is the most popular form of alternative energy.  

There are many different uses for solar power.  They can be seen on street lights, school crossing alerts, and traffic uses.  It is also possible to power large garage doors and gates with solar power.  This will prevent the installers from digging into ditches and installing cables.  The sun is a very powerful resource.  For example, the energy from the sun that is produced for one hour is long enough to provide power to the entire world for one year.  

Developing countries around the world are also benefiting from the use of solar power.  Many of the underdeveloped areas previously had no way of getting power to the remote locations.  But with the use of the sun, the energy source is made possible.  Many companies are working to make solar power the default method of energy, instead of fossil fuels.  The sun is a wonderful energy source and is not said to run out for a long time.  As long as we preserve the resources that we have now, we can help our economy and our environment for years to come.

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