Raising an Eco Conscious Kid

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Raising an eco conscious kid is not actually a difficult task at all, however you may find that it is an essential part of raising your children. Today, there are simply not enough eco friendly and eco conscious people, and our environment is clearly suffering as a result. If more parents made the effort to raise their children in eco-friendly and eco-conscious ways, the world would be a better place and our environment would not be consistently suffering from the abuses that we put it through.

Raising an eco conscious kid is really simple, and begins with having a good understanding of eco friendly behavior your own self. Even when your child is young, there are a number of practices, processes and beliefs that you can instill into him or her so that your children will grow up to be friendly to the environment. For example, teaching your child how to recycle early is a quick and easy endeavor, and it can be developed to be a practice that your child will be proud of for years to come.

Here are some other excellent ways for raising an eco conscious kid.

- Teaching your child how to reduce waste by using reusable shopping bags when buying groceries and other sundry items. Canvas or cloth shopping bags cut down on the use of plastic shopping bags which are not reused often enough and are harmful for the environment.

- Use environmentally friendly cleaning products in the home. Opt for natural and organic ingredients like vinegar and lemon juice for cleaning, disinfecting and de-scenting, and opt for reusable rags and sponges instead of paper towels to handle spills and other messes. Cleaning chemicals are typically abrasive and do not biodegrade, and paper towels are simply a waste of vital resources.

- An excellent lesson to teach your child or children as a means of raising an eco conscious kid is that everything should be reused at least one time. This can be applied to many aspects of your life. Reuse juice containers or soda bottles to carry water. Reuse plastic Ziplock bags when possible. Make use of newspaper as small animal bedding or to cover surfaces during art projects. Many of the "trash" that you come across in your life can be reused at least one additional time, and this is an important lesson for you to teach your children.

- As fun as it can be to have a library of books, teach your children early that using the library instead of purchasing books can be very good for the environment. Don't let the books in your local library sit idle, but instead, make good use of county, school and local libraries by checking books out often.

- Teach your children about the environment above all else. While you can drill all of these tactics into them, they will never truly grasp the concept until you teach them about the environment. Show them what the environment is, what it means to us, and why we need to protect it. Children who understand the environments and the risks to it will better understand the steps necessary to protect it.

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