Patio Cooling Mist Systems

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Sun Works Company sells outdoor misting systems for commercial usage that can provide mist cooling relief of up to 20-30 degrees. Their high pressure misting systems for outdoor cooling have allowed restaurant owners to produce extra summer time seating for those who prefer outdoor dining. Even in high humidity environments, our 1500 PSI high pressure cooling mist pump combined with our laser pierced stainless steel misting nozzles produce the finest cool mist in the world, without getting you wet.

The cooling mist systems can even cool the interiors of factory industrial complexes where air-conditioning would be prohibitively expensive. Portable cooling mist fans can be located where the fabricator and the product travels through the factory floor. Mist fans can be used for outdoor weddings,sporting events and construction projects.

Their new site has recently been launched and can be viewed at:

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John Hurt
Sunworks Company

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