Natural Remedies for Common Pet Ailments

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Our pets suffer from irritating and bothersome ailments just like we do. Many of these problems are not life-threatening and don’t require the assistance of a Veterinarian, but are still troubling enough that we want to do something about them – for our pet’s sake and ours. Here are some tips that have been gathered to help with common problems:

- Homemade Flea Powder – Mix and grind one cup each of rue, wormwood, rosemary and fennel. Grind into a powder and dust your pet, working the mixture into the fur as you go. Fleas hate it, but your pet will smell interestingly and refreshingly herbal!
- Ear Mite Removal – Place a few drops of olive oil in your pet’s ears. You can use a syringe, or wipe the inside of the ears with a cotton ball that has been dipped in the oil. Be careful not to put so much in the ears that they are wet with oil. This could cause ear infections. Let the oil sit for a few minutes (or hours, depending on how stubborn the mites are) and then wipe the ears with a clean cotton ball.
- Females in Heat – If your female goes into heat, and you don’t want her attracting the amorous attention of males far and wide, wipe some mentholated vapor rub on her tail and the general area (not on her anus or genitals!). The vapor rub scent will mask her scent. Then take her to the vet for spaying.
- Bad Breath – If Fido’s breath is bad it’s probably because of plaque build up on the teeth. Brush your pet’s teeth regularly, or take him to the Vet for a professional cleaning. There are biscuits and treats that you can give your pet to help remove plaque, too.
- Hot Spots – If your pet has hot spots, try rubbing some wormwood oil on the affected spots with a cotton ball.
- Bleeding Nail – If you’ve trimmed Fluffy’s nail a bit close and it’s bleeding, press the nail into some styptic powder or flour and then gently tap the powder in.
- Bug Bites and Stings – Try to remove the stinger if it’s there. Then treat the area with a mixture of water and baking soda – make a paste and dab it on. Meat tenderizer works well for this, too.
- Fleas – If your pet has a flea infestation, first get rid of the fleas. Then keep them away by adding garlic and brewer’s yeast to her diet. Fleas should avoid her after that.

We love our pets and want to be sure that they are happy and comfortable. These tips can help with that, but if your pet is having a serious medical issue, or these remedies don’t bring relief, be sure to consult with your Veterinarian.

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