Natural Help for High Blood Pressure

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One of every three people in the U.S. has hypertension, which is the precursor to high blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke and kidney disease if not treated. Most people don’t even know that they have high blood pressure. This serious condition can easily be diagnosed and your doctor is able to prescribe medication to lower blood pressure. There are also many natural ways you can help lower your blood pressure if you have a problem. Most of these involve simple lifestyle or dietary changes and will not only help lower your blood pressure but will increase your overall health. The following list will help you get started.

- If you are overweight, drop those extra pounds. A ten percent reduction in your total body weight will significantly help your blood pressure.
- Get your heart pumping. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise six times a week can help make a difference. 
- Stop smoking! Smoking increases your risk of many types of disease and it can cause dramatic increases in blood pressure.
- Eat lots and lots of fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products. This is good for you because it increases fiber and reduces fat.
- Watch your cholesterol and get it under control.
- Try Tai Chi and/or Yoga. Both these forms of exercise help your body relieve and reduce stress, and get in shape.
- Reduce your sodium intake significantly. Don’t add salt, and opt for low-sodium foods.
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- Get lots of fiber in your diet such as whole grains. This will help reduce bad cholesterol and that in turn may help lower blood pressure.
- Eat a diet low in fat.
- Limit alcohol to no more than one drink a day.
- Take a good multi-vitamin everyday to be sure your body is getting it’s fair share.
- Eat foods rich in Omega-3s. These include salmon, tuna, flaxseed and nuts. You can also take and Omega-3 supplement.
- Take a Coenzyme Q10 supplement.
- Reduce your caffeine intake.
- Eat garlic, onions and ginger to lower hypertension, and spice up your meals.

High blood pressure is a silent killer that is treatable and preventable. See your doctor for regular checkups and follow her advice if you are diagnosed with high blood pressure. You can use these natural blood pressure lowering measures along with prescribed medications with good results.

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