Natural Does NOT Equal Harmless!

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When you think of the word natural, you often think of things like “without preservatives” or “organic.”  There is nothing wrong with this, but you should also keep in mind that things like cyanide, uranium, lead and mercury are all natural as well, but you still wouldn't want them in your dinner!  The truth is, we have in many ways been lulled into thinking that natural always means something positive, when the truth can actually directly oppose that.  If you are someone who is invested in healthy living, you need to understand that there are some things that you should be aware of.

The first thing that you should understand is the place of the Food and Drug Administration in all of this.  You will find that while the FDA's job is to step in and make sure that none of the things that we take are deliberately harmful, you'll find that they cannot be everywhere at once.  For instance, take the case of lovastatin, which is found in red rice yeast.  This substance has continually had its status changed from being a supplement that can be dispensed freely to being a drug that needs to be controlled.  No matter what natural supplements you take, make sure that you do your own research and know what you are putting in your own body.

You'll also find that this holds true when it comes to cleaning.  For instance, you'll find that even when you are doing natural cleaning that you are using harsh chemicals.  Hydrogen peroxide and borax, which are both known as excellent natural cleaners can still sting and welt up sensitive skin, and if swallowed will certainly have extremely negative effects on you.  This makes sense, given the fact that they are meant to dissolve grease or tough stains from your counters.  While you can clean your stove with apple cider vinegar and it can shine quite nicely, you'll typically find that tougher stains need tougher solutions.  Generally, the better it is at removing stains, the less you want it on or in you, so take some precautions!

One of the best aspects of going green is that you are often embarking on new and exciting experiences, and you may really love the chance to get to play mad scientist.  It can be very freeing to get away from more conventional solutions, but remember to move forward wisely.  No matter what you are doing or what you are trying, get some information on it.  Who has tried it and what were their results?  As best you can tell, how does their situation differ from yours?  Always do your best to spot test and move forward slowly.

Living naturally is great if you can remember that there is a whole range of experiences out there, ranging from really wonderful to horribly bad!

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