Michelle Obama—A Role Model for Environmentally Conscious Children

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First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, recently announced that she will be clearing the ground for an organic vegetable garden at the White House.  This announcement comes on the heels of a national trend for people to go back to growing their own flower and vegetable gardens, and even digging up concrete, sprinkling grass seeds, and converting their yards back to grass. 

Growing grass is such a simple thing to do and yet, it brings such pleasure to people.  Few people can resist the clean scent of a freshly mowed lawn or the joy of running barefoot over cool green grass in the hot summertime.  Teaching your children how to grow a lawn from grass seeds is easy, inexpensive,  and opens up a new way for you and your children to bond.  It also beautifies the area, as well as being ecologically friendly.  Planning a lawn growing project with your children allows them to share in the preparation and responsibility and teaches them the importance of caring for our environment. 

Creating a grass lawn is simple with a few preparations.  The first thing that you and your children need to do is to determine the type of grass to grow.  This is based on the climate of the area you live in.  There are warm-season grass seeds and cool-season grass seeds, and it's important to determine which to purchase. 

The next step is lawn preparation.  The ground must be prepared by tilling the soil and fertilizing the soil and, if the quality of the ground is poor, then spreading a layer of top soil should be done.  Perhaps one of the most satisfying steps is spreading the grass seed over the soil.  The kind will probably be standing in line to volunteer for this part.  Rolling a very fine peat moss over the seed then watering the soil is important.  The peat moss protects and, of course, the water creates moisture for the soil. 

With just a small amount of lawn maintenance, and within a short time, your new lawn will be sprouting.  It won't take long for you and your children to be following in the footsteps of Michelle Obama, preparing for a brighter future.

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