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Spring is bustin’ out all over, well almost, so it’s time to check out the seed catalogs and start planning the garden.  I’m a major decision maker at our house when it comes to seed selections because of my culinary expertise and impeccable taste for only the best.

Our garden isn’t humongous, maybe 300 square feet, split about equally in two sections.  One section is for vegetables and one is for herbs and flowers.  The flowers are important because they house all sorts of friends during the spring, summer and fall.   I’ve seen birds hide and sleep in the flowers, butterflies and bees gathering nectar, toads and praying mantis’s snatching up bugs, and even an occasional snake.  Then there’s’ the nature spirits.

Some people think that they’re only make believe in fairy tales, but us birds see and talk to them all the time.  They like it when we set an area of the garden aside for them.  Sort of, let it go wild.  It gives them a place to call their own, so when they get it just the way they like it we don’t come along & start pulling and pruning stuff.  So, when we leave a section alone, they’re more than happy to help us with the rest of the yard. Elaine thinks it’s why we get so much food from our small space and the flowers and plants look so much better than our neighbors do.

This year as you know we’re trying to be greener, so we branched out to two new catalogs in addition to our old standby Burpee (  After reading about why it’s good to choose organic and heirloom varieties of seeds, we chose these types of seeds whenever possible. Burpee, although still very mainstream, is beginning to include more choices in these categories.  So, let’s encourage them, OK?

 The other two catalogs we ordered from for the first time were Seeds of Change ( and Gardens Alive! ( Seeds of Change was my personal favorite because all the people in the pictures looked like people I know.  You, know, happy down home earthy types.  Although that’s not the reason, we ordered.  We were very impressed with their experience and their research farm in New Mexico.  Their website is great too, so check it out for more info and easy ordering.

We ordered from Gardens Alive because of the $25.00 gift coupon they included, which you can have too, and is good until May 2009. We needed some more tomato cages and decided to try their organic fertilizers too.  They also sell Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoons, which we didn’t get, but if any of you have tried these, please let us know by leaving a comment. It sounds like a good idea.

So, I think we’re set for spring and I think this will be our best garden yet.  Until next time, and  remember,  everyone loves a birdie.

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