JAMAICA’S PICKS: Patagonia Organic Cotton Tees – Review

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I heard Elaine’s familiar footsteps coming towards my cage and as I pulled my head up from under my wing, anticipating a treat, all I saw was three large pelicans swooping across a lavender sky.  Am I dreaming? Have I passed over to the other side? No, it’s just my mom wearing the coolest t-shirt ever. Well I got my treat, and then nestled up against the soft cotton to hear more about the Patagonia Company ( and their recycling efforts.

 From experience we both knew that their t-shirts take many years to wear out, but now, when they do, they can be mailed back to the company for recycling. This is important for cotton, but even more so for fleece, polyester and nylon.  So, be sure to check out their website to get the entire scoop, and to see the new t-shirt designs.
Both Blake & Elaine are big fans of Patagonia’s clothing line. Spring and summer are on the way, and although I’ve never been to the beach, I like to watch surfing on TV. Well, I was having a good time chewing the edges of the catalogue, flipping the pages and pretending I was a seagull as I checked out the photos.  Along with the fun stuff, there’s also lots of info about plastics and how they mess up the planet. To my horror, I read that some birds actually eat plastic trash. I cried when I read that the Laysan albatross will eat bottle caps and cigarette lighters which they regurgitate for their babies as food. The babies gut fills up with plastic debris & they starve.  Yikes!

A couple of the websites they suggest to visit to find out more about plastic pollution and the effect on the oceans are and  There’s also a music video called “One By One”, which is done by Micah Wolf and the Algalita Marine Research Foundation on plastic pollution.  Go to And remember those baby albatrosses the next time you see plastic trash on the beach (or anywhere) and pick it up. Until next time….Jamaica

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