JAMAICA’S PICKS: Begley’s Best All Purpose Cleaner

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Welcome to my debut as the official product tester for Greener Living Today.  As you can see, as a Slender Billed Conure I am very green.   So, it seems fitting that I do what I can to help my mom, Elaine, to keep things in the kitchen clean without harmful toxic fumes that make me sneeze or worse, make me sick.  Just like the poor canaries in the coalmines, I’m more likely to suffer from environmental toxins before my people notice anything.  So, as an advocate for pet birds everywhere I’m launching my first official product review.

To begin the testing I first had to get things as dirty as possible.  Since my favorite pastime is eating, I thought I’d start there. My favorite meal is breakfast & each morning Elaine & I share a meal of toast, fruits, veggies, and whatever looks good from last nights dinner, some of which may still be stuck to the walls and floor around my cage.  (I usually blame the dog for the stuff on the ceiling.)  Since I have no teeth, it works best if I pulverize foods into manageable pieces and then with a flick of the beak spread things around to get just the right flavor mix. On a good morning, I have time to make soup in my water bowl then toss out the extra onto the floor.  (Maybe that’s what’s on the ceiling?)

Applesauce is my specialty and I make it from scratch using whole, juicy apples, yum!  As you can imagine, things can get somewhat sticky. So, both Elaine & I were amazed when we sprayed the wall, counter, and floor with Begleys’ Best All Purpose Cleaner and within minutes, we wiped everything clean.  Well, she did, I mainly supervised. We even used some on my birdcage, it worked much better than the soap, and water we were using and I didn’t even sneeze.

A review of the ingredients also passed my testing.  The product is a blend of cleaning agents derived from vegetable fats and oils.  In addition, Ed donates 5% of the net sales to non-profits, which impressed me since I’m big on saving habitats for all my feathered relatives.  I was lucky to hatch out of my egg with a human to hand feed me, but I worry about the poisoning of the outside birds with chemicals and pesticides in their food and water. So, with this in mind, I recommend not only buying organics whenever possible, but also trying Begleys’ Best, especially if you have bird poop to scoop. Just ask my mom.

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