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Well, hello again.  Today I want to tell you about the water system we had installed when we bought our house four years ago, here in Windsor California.  Elaine’s’ always been concerned about the quality of the water we drink and in our old house we had a reverse osmosis filter installed under our kitchen sink.  It worked OK, but only filtered from one spigot and was a water waster. Reverse osmosis forces only about 25% of the water it uses through the membrane.  The membrane also takes out the minerals I need to keep my bones strong and muscles working.  I take pride in my physical fitness, since the time my veterinarian, Dr. Blumberg, at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital, called me a “piggy bird” and put me on  birdie weight watchers. He’s an expert avian vet and he said that minerals found in water are good for my liver, which tends to get big when I eat the wrong things. So, the next time you think about eating foie gras remember that those livers are from sick and mistreated birds.  But, I’m getting off the subject.  

Since our house was new to us, Blake & Elaine stopped by the local Home Show to see what else was available in water systems. They stopped by the LifeSource booth and were impressed. The system seemed to do everything.  It installed in the garage and filtered the entire house, even the icemaker and water dispenser in the refrigerator.  It naturally softens the water without salt, which is very important to us because we eat a low sodium diet.  My Dad’s cardiologist (he has cardiomyopathy) says that calcium and magnesium are good for his heart (so we want to leave them in the water) and too much sodium is bad. This system does both, leaves in the good stuff and doesn’t add the bad.

Cost and maintenance is good too. The system in 2005 cost us about $3500.00 with installation and the extra pre-sediment housing unit and filters. This was a Home Show special, so the cost may be different now. But no matter how you squawk it, we save money on bottled water and Blake doesn’t have to do anything except change the pre-sediment filter about every three months. I know that’s easy to do because I never hear any of those words that Elaine won’t let him teach me, when he’s making the switch.  So, after four plus years of use, we are still happy with our LifeSource system and haven’t had any problems. Their website is and it has a lot more info on it to check out.  So, until next time, remember to fill those birdbaths each day with clean sparkling water.

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