JAMAICA’S PICKS: GTC – Greening the Cleaning Hand Dishwashing Liquid

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For those of you who are new to this site, I’m Jamaica, the new green product tester and reviewer.  Being green, an expert mess maker and my relationship with the developer (he’s my dad) got me the job.  My mom, Elaine, helps with the typing but I’m the birdbrain behind the operation.

The newest product I’ve tried is also one of the products offered by Imus Ranch Foods (  It’s their hand dishwashing liquid and it passed all my criteria as an affordable green alternative cleaner. I liked that I could see all the ingredients right there on the label. I looked at what Elaine was using, and it said that it was phosphate free and biodegradable, but there was no other info, only a toll free number to call. Well, I’m not allowed near the phone since I tried to pop the buttons off, so I like having the info I need right there.  Cruelty free was a big one for me too. I’ve been told that some testing labs actually use animals in their tests.  I saw some pictures of this sort of thing and I couldn’t sleep for a week without a light on.  It was horrible. 

I tested the product on several types of materials and degrees of goopy.  The dirtiest was my water bowl, which also doubles as a homemade soup bowl, so it has to be washed right away or stuff starts to grow in it.  The same goes for my food crock.  A plastic bowl holds my fresh fruit and veggies, toast and nuts. After I’ve gone through the goodies I like to play with the bowl for a while, then somehow it seems to get pooped on. Yuck! Also Elaine, sometimes steams my veggies and cooks some rice to go along, so there were sticky pots and pans too.   What I found was that a small amount of liquid went along way, with plenty of suds, a nice smell, no fumes and everything cleaned up nicely.

Finally, I noticed an image of a child on the label. What is this? I asked myself. The last children that visited tried to pull my tail, so I’ve been leery of them.  Then I realized that 100% of the after tax profits go to the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer. Well bird logic told me that if you took good care of the kids, that they would grow into adults, stop pulling your tail and be around to care for the birds of the world. Made sense to me, how about you?

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