How Green is Your House?

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Who would have thought that so many people would make the conscious decision to go green in their homes and lives? It is a great thing when you really think about it, of course, it would have been nice for us to have started trying hard to be green many years ago. It is always better late than never though. Your home is the place where you probably spend the most time in your life, and it can majorly suck, energy that is. You will find that it is important to start out your green mission at your home and then it will carry over into the rest of your life also. Do you know how green your house is, and are you aware of the changes you can make to ensure that it is as green as possible. Two places that can cause some serious water and energy usage in the home are the bathrooms and the laundry rooms, so find out how you can make them more environmentally friendly with some simple tips to follow. -In the bathroom, it really is the smallest of changes that make the largest difference when it comes to saving water and electricity. So make the switches and see what you can save. The toilet that is in your bathroom could actually be accounting for over twenty-five percent of the water used inside of your home, and the older ones use more than the newer. To reduce the water, get a newer modeled toilet. There are even models that offer a dual flush one flush only uses a small amount and another that uses a bit more as needed. Even the toilet paper you use can help to lessen your impact and increase your green. Look for recycled toilet paper to do just that. -The main two items in your laundry room that are using up the most of your home’s energy are the washer and the dryer. Like the toilet, older modeled units are energy suckers and big-time water wasters. Newer efficient models offer you some great features and also help to cut back on all that energy. Look for a washer and dryer that are marked as Energy Star and you will know that you are doing your best to be green in the laundry room. Another great idea is to line dry most of your laundry. -Being green in your home has never been as easy as it is now, and the simple changes will surely make a lasting difference in your place.

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