Greener Living Today is Solar Powered

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While researching a future article that pertains to Green Hosting, it ocurred to us that Greener Living Today should be hosted by a solar powered hosting company.

I spent two days searching the web for a “real” solar powered web host and learned that even though many companies make the claim that they are solar and/or wind powered, they are, in fact, purchasing REC’s, or renewable energy credits. There is nothing wrong with purchasing REC’s, but we wanted a 100% solar powered host.

By the end of my search, I had found only two companies that looked pretty good, both of them being 100% solar powered, meaning the solar panels were located at their hosting facility.

We made our final decision based on all of the promotional material that was available and the fact that you could call the company on the phone and speak with a human being.

After making the decision, I called them up and explained what we were doing.
Ten minutes after the call we had all of our login information and everything was ready to go.

Within an hour and a half we were publishing live from the new hosting company.

The company we decided on is Affordable Internet Services Online, Inc.
AISO has been a trusted name in environmentally friendly web hosting since 1997. Plus AISO was featured in Inc. Magazines' Top 50 Green Companies and was the first public data center member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

We’ll cover them more in future articles profiling Green Web Hosting Companies.

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