Green This! Volume 1: Greening Your Cleaning – Review

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The Imus Ranch is a 4000 acre ranch in Ribera, New Mexico that is a temporary home for children challenged with various cancers. It’s designed as an alternative to traditional hospitalization with special focus on maintaining a chemical free environment. It is a working ranch where both health and self esteem issues are addressed.  Deirdre Imus and her husband Don have a history creating green environments in both hospital and private settings especially to assist with cancer treatments. They market a line of both household and institutional cleaners whose proceeds support the ranch.

Since I’m somewhat of a novice when it comes to greening my home I was on the lookout for a concise and comprehensive guide to help me make the switch.  In all honesty, I did find the information somewhat overwhelming for a beginning “greenie” making me afraid of most everything around me including my microwave.  However, I took a step back, and realized that if I had an environmentally sensitive child that this book could become my primary resource of green information.  The book is well organized and easy to maneuver through with sections for each part of the house.  Of special interest to me was the simple approach to fabric softening and drain opening.  Both of which I was sure there were no green alternatives. As with all lifestyle changes, as the author points out, it’s best to just find a starting point and expand from there.  So, taken in small increments this book becomes very user friendly.

The final chapter came as a relief when I realized how easily we can now find green products.  A trip to the Imus Ranch Foods website ( is a find in itself, with an excellent selection and good prices.  There are other suggestions for environmental shopping and guidelines for reading labels and recognizing those products which are truly biodegradable and free of toxins.


Green This! Volume 1: Greening Your Cleaning
By Deirdre Imus
Simon & Shuster Paperbacks
April 2007

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