Green Products for your Pet

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If everybody and everything is going green, should your pets be left behind? Pet medicines like Frontline Plus are now more eco-friendly so that your pets can also help to protect the environment. Here is a look at what is on offer:

Dealing with fleas: conventional flea medication can contain toxic pesticides that kill fleas. If you touch a pet that is being treated with conventional medication, the toxic pesticides can get on your skin and this could have bad side effects, especially for children. Why don't you get natural flea medication that uses essential oils in collars, strays and shampoos to repel fleas? These essential oils are both healthy and safe and cause no environmental damage whatsoever.

Toys for your pets: there is now a wide range of eco-friendly toys that are made of alternative materials to plastic. These alternatives are made of materials that are both renewable and natural. Sometimes these materials are edible so that they are perfectly safe, even if your pet chews on them.

Treats and foods for pets: more and more food suppliers are now offering pet foods and treats that are made from healthy and wholesome ingredients. Some of them are even using organic food inputs. Unfortunately, the laws governing food for pets are not stringent as those governing food for human beings. This means that a food advertising itself as healthy and natural may not actually be so. Be sure to check out the ingredients carefully and look for foods and treats made of human grade food products. Avoid any foods that include "byproducts" in the list of ingredients.

It is a fact that we treat our pets not as animals but as family members and spoil them shamelessly, but it is also time to be responsible. From biodegradable kitty litter linings and bags to environmentally friendly wee wee pads, you will find green and environmentally friendly pet products for virtually any use. It is time that you and your pets got on the bandwagon to protect our environment.

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