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In today's modern world, you might want to do as many things as you can to stay "green."  When it comes to moving, there are even environmentally friendly ways to relocate.  When you move in the traditional ways, you will generate quite a bit of waste from your packaging materials.  You will also create a lot of pollution from diesel fuels.  There are moving companies, however, that can help you move in a "green" manner.  Here are some examples of what a green company can help you do when you move to help reduce your overall footprint on the environment.

Save Trees
Green moving companies use recycles boxes and the boxes are often reused.  That saves quite a few trees in the long run.  There is also the option of using reusable plastic containers that are held together by tape that is based in petroleum.  They are more rigid so that protects your items more and they are also reusable.

Green companies will also save quite a bit of energy because the trucks they use are fueled by bio diesel, which does not emit as much carbon monoxide or other pollutants.

Other Packaging Items
Bubble wrap is something that takes a lot of energy to create and it is also very wasteful once it is thrown away.  A Green moving company will have a different kind of bubble wrap that is made from corrugated cardboard boxes.  It can be used instead of bubble wrap and it is easier to reuse.

Green companies will also allow you to use the packing materials free of charge.  Some companies charge you extra for the use of these items and then they simply throw them away.  A green moving company, on the other hand, will let you use the items free and then reuse them for other customers later.

In order to move in a "green" way, it is a good idea to call various moving companies and ask about their green options.  If they do not have reusable materials, they are likely not a green company. is an example of one great "green" moving company.

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