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The 8th annual San Francisco Green Festival filled the Concourse Exhibition Center for three days — November 13/14/15, 2009. We arrived Saturday morning in time to catch Rob Holmes’ presentation in the West Hall’s lobby lounge. Rob is the founder of the Green Living Project, which promotes eco-adventure travel as an advocate for sustainable lifestyles in eleven countries.

The focus of Saturday’s multimedia event was South America, specifically Brazil and Ecuador. It is a continuous struggle in these countries to maintain economic stability and preserve the rainforest.  In Brazil, the Cristalino Jungle Lodge is a viable eco-business catering to the ever growing interest in adventure travel. The lodge works closely with local schools to train, educate and employ students in a sustainable environment.

green_living_project_rob_lg1The Maquipucuna Foundation, northwest of Quito and the Yachana Foundation, east of Tena are two featured eco-lodges in Ecuador.  Both lodges are actively involved in education and empowerment of the local populations while preserving the land and eco-systems. The building of schools and health clinics takes top priority, encouraging respect for oneself and the native environment. The propagation of local plants and seeds sustains viable farming practices and reduces the pressure on the wild plants. At the Yachana Foundation, twelve families now make a living by sustaining the forest instead of clear cutting.

Equilibrio Azul in Pueblo Lopez, Ecuador works to maintain a healthy ocean environment by encouraging sustainable fishing practices.  Ocean clean-up, responsible garbage disposal and recycling are its main focus. It investigates causes of marine life deaths and educates fisherman in ways to maintain fish populations, insuring adequate food levels for future generations.

Green Living Project plans its next expansion to be in Ecuador, then on to Panama and Costa Rica.  Corporate sponsors such as Timberland, National Geographic Adventure and REI make much of the work possible. A membership project is in the works to promote volunteerism, travel, product sales and donations.

Green Living Project
5757 Tobias Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91411
Rob Holmes – Founder

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