Green Grass Can Mean Cleaner Air

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If you’re like many of us, you are making a sincere effort to do your part to help the earth by doing the right things in your home and in your habits. You may not think that there is much more you can do to help improve air quality. Not so fast. Doing your part to help create cleaner air can be as simple as planting a few grass seeds. Like trees, shrubs and other green plants, grass is a great way to “green up” the planet. Plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. This process means that we give them our exhalations (carbon dioxide), dioxide) and we breathe in their emissions (oxygen) and together we form a bond. We need them to live.

They need us to live. Unfortunately, for far too many decades, mankind has gone about a systematic destruction of much of the earth’s green spaces. Whole rainforests are still being demolished in countries, where less-enlightened governments fail to restrain the greed of their populations. In this country, too much of our natural green space is already gone. It has been paved over by huge cities, gigantic super highways and hundreds of thousands of acres of parking lots. That means that we all need to plant as much green, growing plant life around us as we can. While not every bit of earth is a viable location for a tree that will eventually tower overhead, almost any spot of earth is a good place for grass.

So, when you are making out a list of eco-friendly projects to undertake, include planting grass seeds. Along with recycling waste, limiting our carbon emissions by reducing the amount of driving we do, by lowering our energy/water consumption, and by planting green grass can help make the air we breathe cleaner and our planet healthier. It’s one way you can go green by creating green.

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