Green Cleaning for a Healthy Home

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Do you realize that there is a good chance that the air inside of your home is a lot more toxic than the air you breathe when you go outside? Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are responsible for indoor air pollution as they are emitted as gases from many of the conventional cleaning solutions and other products that are being used within our homes every day. These Volatile Organic Compounds can be found in household cleaners, disinfectant products, air freshener products, aerosol sprays and many other similar products which introduce unsavory chemical elements into the home, and which can tend to persist in the air in your home a good long time after the product was used.

Dealing with toxic chemical household cleaning products can actually pose a risk to your health, putting you at risk of dealing with numerous different negative health effects including eye infections, cancers, skin rashes and even respiratory problems. Once you know this, why on earth would you want to expose yourself, your loved ones and your pets to these products that can be clearly harmful and dangerous to your health?

Clean Green - Non toxic cleaners are becoming more and more readily available because of the current emphasis on creating a much safer environment. It is absolutely vital that you pay attention to the labels on all of the cleaning products that you use, because claiming to be safe, and actually being safe are two different things. According to the Consumer Reports Eco-labels website, there are no definite standards when it comes to the terms used on labels, so "natural" for example, can be quite vague. Learn how to properly evaluate the labels on your cleaning supplies before you use them, and do not trust the claims these products make until you know what is in them.

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies - Green cleaning for a healthy home can begin by making your own products, which is actually one of the most economical ways that you can go green when it comes to cleaning. With only a few essential natural ingredients, you can actually handle all of your cleaning needs in a way that is completely safe and healthy.

For example, white vinegar is a substance that is completely non toxic and environmentally friendly, and it is excellent for killing mold, germs and bacteria. All you have to do in order to clean nearly any surface is to mix half vinegar and half warm water. If you need a little bit of additional abrasive action, you may want to add baking soda, sprinkling a small amount onto a sponge, and then spraying the vinegar on top. If you want to remove odors from a room, simply set out a bowl of vinegar, it works wonders.
Harsh drain and sink cleaners can be avoided by using a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar instead. You can also mix castile soap and baking powder to make a powerful cleaning paste. You may even use lemon juice as an excellent alternative to bleach which can remove stains from clothes and surfaces. Plain lemons and other citrus fruits are excellent for freshening sink drains and the garbage disposal.

If you have wood furniture or flooring, opt for olive oil as a polisher rather than the harsh chemicals that most people use on their prized furniture.  Other ingredients that are safe and effective, especially when it comes to laundry mixes are washing soda, vegetable soaps and borax.

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