Google’s Commitment to Solar Energy

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People everywhere are taking action in their daily lives to help reduce their carbon footprint. Simple actions, such as turning off the water while brushing your teeth and using refillable water bottles, have become a part of everyday life for many. Major corporations are also working hard to combat global warming. One of which is Google, who is blazing a trail as an example of how businesses should approach the global energy crisis.

Realizing that major steps need to be taken quickly to combat global warming, Google has set forth and made a commitment to a greener world. Their company requires an enormous amount of electricity to run efficiently and effectively. Because they are the number one search engine in the world, they service hundreds of millions of users daily. So it was a natural choice for them to address this issue through the use of renewable energy.

One of the major sources of alternative power that Google began using recently is solar energy. Solar power is a clean, reusable source of energy that has proven to be one of the most effective energy solutions. Google installed a solar power system at their offices in Mountain View, CA as an alternative energy source and it currently provides 30% of their peak power needs. With 9,212 panels that produce 1.6MW of electricity, this is the largest corporate installation in America. Eventually, they would like to power 100% of their offices with renewable energy. However, their ambitions don't stop there. The company has set forth a goal to create enough alternative energy to power a city the size of San Francisco. They have even partnered with California solar panel installation companies to offer discounts to employees that would like to install systems in their homes.

Google's commitment to solar energy is just one step the company is taking in the pursuit of establishing a “greener” business. At their Mountain View headquarters, you will find hybrid vehicles, bikes, and biodiesel shuttle buses available for use. The company's founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, are also venture capital investors in several green startups. In 2005, they invested an undisclosed amount in Nanosolar, which specializes in solar cells which are ultra-thin. Other notable investments include Tesla Motors, an American manufacturer of electric cars, as well as several wind and geothermal energy ventures.

Investing in solar energy systems is a sustainable way to power a business. Google has set an excellent example of how it can be done. Hopefully, this will inspire other businesses, small and large, to follow in their footsteps.

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