Economic and Environmental Savings – Save Pounds and the Planet

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Research has shown that a big driver in the public adoption of greener living is the financial savings that can be made as a result of recycling, reusing and reducing. Whilst we witness a price hike on food, energy and petrol we cut back on household spend and as such are now looking for ways to reduce our use and consumption – a key ingredient for greener lifestyles.  

Reduce household bills

Insulating a loft can save up to £145 per year on heating bills, whilst also reducing the carbon footprint of a house. Cavity wall insulation can save £110, whilst solid wall insulation saves around £375 and floor insulation a further £50. Further DIY home improvement solutions such as double glazing, draft proofing and pipe insulation can go a long way in providing significant discounts on household energy bills.  

Make your own energy

The UK Government has introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive, which provides financial assistance to make a switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Global price hikes on both oil and gas have seen household bills rise significantly – the adoption of technologies such as wind power, solar hot water systems and wood fuel can provide both greener, more independent energy solutions both for households and entire communities. Plus there’s an increasing emphasis on ‘feed-in’ tariffs, which means you could even earn money.  

Grow your own

The good life is speeding back into the public consciousness at full throttle, with the number of people buying seeds and renting allotments on the increase. The ‘grow your own’ theory has undergone a style renaissance and encourages not just an engagement in our immediate environment but also produces low carbon crops, which if managed well can be far more cash effective than buying from the supermarket.  

On your bike

In the UK two out of five local journeys are already made by foot, bike and public transport – saving on both emissions and transportation costs. The cost of running a car is steadily increasing along with the price of petrol, whilst owning a bike is pretty much a one off payment that not only gets you from A to B but also keeps you fit – meaning the gym membership can be scrapped with the proceeds going into a high interest savings account instead.  

Get crafty

The craft movement has also undergone a revolution from dowdy to decadent – knitting is now the choice hobby with ‘stitch and bitch’ sessions established all over the globe, whilst handmade fairs are the shoppers’ choice for something unique. Get creative and crafty by researching what you can recycle and reuse at home by turning it into something useful.

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