Eco Toys for Children

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There has been a recent influx of recalls for toys that were made in China.  This has caused many parents and loved ones of children to think twice about their purchases.  You can never be too sure that the colorful toy that you are buying does not contain lead.  There are other alternatives to making sure that your child is playing with a safe toy.  Eco toys have made a large impact recently.  Green products or “green” toys are items that are made with completely natural substances and contain organic parts.  This means that all of the materials in the toy is biodegradable and recyclable.  This type of toy is especially crucial for infants and toddler who tend to put toys in their mouths when they are teething. 

There are currently many toy companies that are now taking this “lead scare” into consideration.  They now not only consider if the toy is eco-friendly, but they also examine the durability of the toy as well as the safety of the product.  For example, small parts can fall off and choke a toddler or infant.  Stuffed animals with attached eyes are less common now.  Instead, cloth toys that have the eyes embroidered on that are washable and made of organic cotton is a much more popular item. 

Finding eco toys for your children is not as hard as one might think.  There are currently two companies on the market that specialize in “green toys”.  As a matter of fact, their entire lines of toys are completely organic.  Both companies do not have many items to choose from yet, but they are all winners with children.  All of the toys have been manufactured, assembled, and tested in the USA so there is not need to worry about potential lead poisoning.  

One of the companies makes all of their products from plastic milk cartons that have been collected on the side of the road.  The local recycling companies collect the items from your curb, and then sorts them with other plastic materials.  The milk containers are reformed into a fresh plastic called “high-density polyethylene””.  It is considered to be one of the cleanest and safest plastics that exist in our world today. 

The packaging of both companies is also eco friendly.  They both strive to make their packaging boxes with as little materials as possible.  The boxes that the eco toys come in uses complete recycled cardboard with no plastic, cellophane, or twist-ties to hold in the product.  The motives for these companies is to make sure that none of their products end up in land fills.  Everything is recyclable so it can be made into something useful again.  

California is a state known for toy safety and eco-friendly laws.  If you are looking for a “green toy” then California is a wonderful state to turn to.  The transport of the toys is also earth friendly because of the greenhouse gasses.  This means that less fuel is used to transport the toys from the warehouse to the shelves.  Everything from the manufacturing to the final assembly occurs in California.  You can feel safe knowing that you are not only preventing your child from being harmed, but you are also taking one step to save the planet.

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