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Everyone loves jewelry, but unfortunately it has been made apparent to us in recent years that the jewelry that we so enjoy wearing bears the mark of the harm to both our planet and humanity. Luckily, there are a number of ecologically responsible and ethical alternatives to the types of jewelry that are found to be sourced in ways that are both unsustainable and highly destructive. There is a brand new market that is emerging that revolves around using recycled precious metals and synthetic precious gems in addition to jewelry that is crafted from recycled goods like glass, plastic and other natural elements.

Wearing jewelry always seems to have played an invaluable role in the society of humans, with jewelry objects dating back to pre historic Africa. The importance to jewelry remains consistent even today for a number of reasons, including as an amulet, ornament, a symbol of wealth or a variety of other purposes. Silver and gold mining processes throughout the years, however, have devastated ecosystems and thousands of miles worth of waterways which has devastated the future for this beautiful and unique trade. Additionally, diamond mining has become largely a blood diamond trade, with these blood diamond exports becoming responsible for numerous heinous crimes committed on humanity as they are funding wars through illegal sale.

There are plenty of ecologically responsible and environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional styles of jewelry, but they require that you do a little bit of research into sourcing, environmental practices and labor associated with their manufacture. Fair trade practices are slowly being introduced into the jewelry industry, though it will take time to achieve the primary goals of these practices. The endeavors for artisans and jewelers who are working to supply ecologically friendly alternatives to jewelry are continuing to help develop the level of change that is necessary on a widespread basis in order to create a truly sustainable industry for jewelry and other similar items.

Another available option is recycled jewelry, with the majority of all recycled jewelry being handmade today. There are many stunning and beautiful pieces available that are constructed from handmade wood components and recycled metal components that would otherwise end up in a trash heap. One of the best places to find a showcase of stunning handmade artwork composed of recycled components is on the online website Etsy, available at Here you will find a number of innovative independent artists who are crafting their own unique eco friendly jewelry from some truly surprising elements.

Artisans all over the world are working hard to eliminate the strife associated with the traditional jewelry trade in favor of a natural and eco friendly jewelry industry comprised of recycled components, natural elements, synthetically created gemstones and recycled metals. The more the word gets out about this incredible movement, the more people will begin to turn to the beauty of organic and ecologically friendly jewelry in favor of the traditional gold, silver, diamond and gemstone jewelry that is eating up our ecosystem.

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