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If you are looking for a way to make your home beautiful, or to restore its former beauty, there are a number of options to consider, one of which is to add a splash of color through the use of paint. There are hundreds of different paint choices available to you, but unfortunately not all of them have your best interest in mind. Are you looking for paint that is healthy, eco friendly and dependable at the same time? Keep some things in mind so that you know what sets eco paints apart from other paints available on the market.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, the concentration of pollutants that can be found within your home is actually a great deal higher than what is going to be found outside, primarily because of the lack of ventilation that you will find in your home compared to the ease of air circulation found outside. If your home does not have proper ventilation, then airborne chemicals from the products that you use within your home can collect inside, and they can actually cause a lot of harm to your body if you are not careful.

Some of the symptoms associated with long term exposure to this polluted air may include fatigue, dizziness, asthma, cancer, headaches and heart disease. The contamination cannot necessarily be attributed to a single source, but two chemicals that play an important role in the accumulation of these toxins are paint, and paint related chemicals as well.

Volatile organic compounds are a category of pollutants that are potentially carcinogenic and carbon-based in nature. These VOCs may include pesticides, cleaning chemicals, paint chemicals and formaldehyde for example. Due to the environmental regulations that are passing in recent years, and an increase in the demand by consumers, many paint companies are working to develop new house paint products that emit either little VOCs or no VOCs all together. This is most commonly received by creating water based paint products in place of petroleum based paint products. In order to pass as a Low VOC, environmentally friendly or "green" paint product, the paint must meet stringent EPA standards with a maximum gram count of volatile compounds per liter. Looking for a green seal on potentially low VOC paint products will let you know which have the lowest VOC content.

Ultra low VOC paint products are normally referred to as zero-VOC or no-VOC, and while these paints can sometimes cost more than traditional paint products, they are worth the investment if it means using environmentally friendly paint products in your home in order to decrease the risk of releasing harmful chemicals and pollutants into the air that you breathe. These products should contain no formaldehyde, no ammonia and no acetone. These are all petroleum compounds that can adversely affect the quality of the air inside your home.

There are options available to you for environmentally friendly indoor paint, so if you are thinking about adding a splash of color to your home or apartment, opt for the environmentally friendly option and avoid the risk of polluting the air that you breathe.

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