Eco-Friendly Jewelry

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Eco-friendliness has extended to the world of jewelry. Using renewed metals, conflict free and fair trade diamonds and gemstones, created stones and some good old-fashioned creativity and ingenuity; earth conscious jewelers are creating works of wearable art that you can be proud of. Here’s a rundown on the new trend of eco-friendly jewelry.

- Free Trade – When you are looking for eco-friendly jewelry, you will want to see that metals and gems are purchased from vendors that are ethical and adhere to Fair Trade standards, which protect worker’s rights.
- Ethical sourcing – Metal and gem mining operations have an effect on the earth so many eco-friendly jewelers reuse metals. This doesn’t degrade the quality of the metals in your jewelry and the reuse of metal falls in line with ethical ecological practice.
- Canadian Diamonds – Canadian diamonds are mined without conflict and while fully protecting workers rights. There is some question about the mining operations impact on Canadian wildlife and wilderness, but Canada does have strict environmental laws that mines are expected to work within.
- Created Diamonds and Gemstones – The stigma that once was associated with created stones is gone. Technology is such that created diamonds and stones are of the same quality and beauty as natural stones. They are essentially created in the same manner that Mother Nature creates them in, just in less time. Testing labs are developing sophisticated procedures to reliably differentiate between lab created and natural diamonds. This is a credit to the created stone – they can no longer be identified as created without the help of science.

Jewelry is important to all cultures and it would be silly to think that we will all forego jewelry for the sake of being earth-friendly. We can however find ways to make our jewelry purchases more meaningful by considering buying jewelry that is made from recycled metals instead of mined metals. Using created gemstones or stones that have been donated (your grandmom’s engagement diamond, perhaps), relieves the pressure that is put on both humans and the earth to produce diamonds and other gems.

It is a radical change to ask for an engagement ring that is made from reused gold and created or reused gemstones, but it’s an idea whose time has come. It is also a credit to each of us, and the jewelers who participate in creating eco-friendly jewelry. The pieces that are produced from this new way hold in them history, science, and a feeling of pride in knowing that even a small trinket can help make a difference to people and places that we may never meet or see.

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