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You may ask yourself, what is an eco friendly font? How can a font be eco friendly?

The printouts that we make on a regular basis not only use paper, but they also use ink. A company from the Netherlands, SPRANQ, has developed a font that they claim will help our ink cartridges to last longer.

The Eco Font is a font with holes in it. It is an application that you install for programs such as Word and Outlook. Here is how it works:

Ecofont Professional consists of:
1. The free Ecofont version of your (corporate) typeface. Your font, but now with ink-saving holes.

2. The Ecoprint button in your Office applications (Word, Outlook).

These combine to allow your employees and management to save (up to 20%) on ink and paper with only the click of a mouse. You cut costs while simultaneously contributing to your organization’s green image in an appealing manner.

There is also a free open source version of the font. Once you have downloaded Ecofont you can install the font into your local fonts folder.

Find out more by visiting their site located at:

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