Eco Chic Green Wedding

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If you are an eco friendly person, and preparing to begin a new life with someone that you care about, an eco chic green wedding may be just what you have been looking for. There is nothing greater in this world than a wedding celebration that is ecologically sound and environmentally friendly. Here are some hints for creating an eco chic green wedding that will get you started in the planning phase of your wedding.

Location - Choose a favorite natural spot and consider an outdoor style wedding in order to accentuate the beauty of your special day. This is also an outstanding way for you to better connect yourself with nature, and to remind yourself for exactly why you make environmentally friendly and responsible decisions every single day. You can also hold your ceremony and your reception in the same location in order to prevent having your guests drive more than they have to for the sake of your wedding celebration.

Wedding Gown and Tux - You may want to consider choosing a resale clothing store when buying your gown and tux, and purchase vintage when you can. You may also want to consider purchasing a simple dress and suit that can be worn in the future, or an organic silk or hemp wedding dress to go about things organically. You should also learn how you can donate your wedding gown and tux to charity if you do not plan on wearing them again. Photos last forever, you do not need to hang on to your gown.

Wedding Invitations - You should opt for 100% PCW recycled paper invitations, especially those that are not processed using chlorine. You may also opt to encourage your guests to recycle their invitations. One way to do this is to have flower seeds embedded in the cards so that they may be planted following the wedding. Forgo envelops when possible, and opt for self mailers and small simple designs to use less paper.

Food - Try to opt for a caterer that offers organic and vegetarian entrees. Consider renting real classes, cloth napkins and other permanent ware instead of disposable plates and paper napkins, or use biodegradable and compostable flatware and dishes, which are made from tropical leaves, sugar cane or cornstarch.

Floral Arrangements - Choose florists that bring their flowers in from organic farms and other locally grown sources. You may also consider choosing a wildflower grower to create your own bouquets and wedding table arrangements. Opt for live potted plants in place of cut floral arrangements for the centerpieces for your tables. Give these away as gifts or enjoy them in your home for years to come.

Alternatives to Rice Throwing - You may opt for throwing bird seeds rather than rice in city weddings as long as the seed will not cause havoc to the ecosystem where your wedding is being held. You may also consider throwing biodegradable flower petals, blowing non-toxic handmade bubbles, or simply ringing handballs in place of throwing anything.

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