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Earthship Biotecture and the Earthship Community located near Taos, New Mexico is the ultimate example of green building at its best. Architect, Michael E. Reynolds has dedicated the past 35 years researching and developing self sufficient housing made from recycled materials.

At first glance, many of the housing designs are reminiscent of Tolkien’s Hobbit houses, but a closer look reveals well designed sustainable structures that are comfortable and affordable. Many green home builders strive to be off the grid, in New Mexico at the Earthship Community there simply is no grid.  The buildings draw all power from solar and wind sources. Collection of rain water fulfills the household needs with underground storage and grey water recycling. Temperatures inside the homes remain comfortable without heat or air conditioning in any climate.  It is amazing how many green features are incorporated into these homes.

earthship_lg1In addition, Taos County’s building permit process is changing so that rather than impede the building of earthships, it encourages the technology.  In a world where government often gets in the way of forward thinking, New Mexico is designing a new category of rules to support energy efficient changes. Way to go New Mexico!

Also, if green travel is your thing, Earthship World Headquarters, offers affordable rental units located only 15 minutes from Taos, New Mexico.  Not only can you test drive an earthship, you can take the time to explore the beautiful surrounding recreational areas that you’ll only find in New Mexico.  You can even bring your pet for a small fee.

If you’re considering alternative building Earthship Headquarters also offers a series of seminars given throughout the year at their location. There are also many books, educational materials, DVDs and other fun stuff on their website.  So, check it out and change the way you think about sustainable living.

Earthship Biotecture
Earthship Community, (
P.O. Box 1041, Taos, New Mexico 87571

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  1. Everson  July 10, 2009

    Please check our earthship project in South Africa: Project Aardskip at

    Any tips are welcome. If you would like to volunteer to help building an Earthship in South Africa. Please go to our website and volunteer.

  2. kevan Trott  August 13, 2009

    Great concept and the photos you show are actually of our family home in France. The european model is working well but needs adaption for the european climate. A standard US model underperforms in the european climate and basic changes are required. This is currently being investigated and improved by research and development. Check out for rental opportunities.