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clean_tech2CleanTechRecruits ( was launched about 3 months ago with the goal of being the premier resource for jobs in the Clean Technology / Renewable Energy sector.
Their vision is to connect qualified job seekers who have an interest in Clean Technology with employers who deliver Clean Energy.

The CleanTech sector is exploding and their goal is to help fuel that growth for the sake of every living creature who shares this planet!

Highlights of CleanTechRecruits:

- Their clients include some of the largest companies in the CleanTech sector such as NextEraEnergy (largest producer of Wind), POET (largest producer of BioFuels), Xunlight and SunPower (leading Solar providers).  They also have many startups and multinationals such as General Electric and British Petroleum.

- They average more than 600 active job openings per day.  This is significantly more than ANY other Clean Technology Job Board in the U.S.

- They have thousands of registered Users, many of whom have posted their resumes for Employers and Recruiters to search.

- Their site is receiving tens of thousands of hits per day from Job Seekers and Employers.

- Theye allow Job Seekers to opt-in for weekly Job Alert Emails.  These outgoing weekly notifications tell all of their Job Seekers about newly posted jobs.

- Several Major Universities support them by listing CleanTechRecruits  as a premier career source on their websites (Stanford, Caltech, Purdue, etc.).

- Registration for Job Seekers, Employers, and Recruiters is totally FREE!

If you are interested in joining the Renewable Energy Revolution, you should sign up today by visiting their website located at:

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