Buying Green Power

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Have you ever wanted to power your home using renewable resources, but can’t quite afford the cost of installing solar or wind power?

Well, you might be pleased to find out that there are many organizations that offer green power throughout the United States.

The concept behind buying green power is to provide electricity consumers choices for supplying electricity to their homes using environmentally preferred sources, such as wind and solar power, geothermal, hydropower and various forms of biomass.

These services will charge a bit more to participate, but survey after survey has shown that customers are willing to pay more for cleaner energy sources.

If retail electricity competition is allowed in your state, you may have the option for purchasing from an alternative supplier.

For example, in California there are a handful of companies located mainly in Southern California, Silicon Valley and the Sacramento areas. Some of these companies began offering the programs as early as 1997.

To find out if any of these programs are available in your state, you can visit the US Government’s site for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. There you will find a chart that lists all fifty states. Click on your state and you will discover whether or not programs are available. In addition you can find listings for Renewable Energy Credits (REC). These would include National Retail REC Products as well as Commercial and Wholesale REC Marketers.

You can visit the Government’s Green Power Network at the following address:

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