Building a Greener Future at Home

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Global warming, now a household word, has set the focus on many key elements of a greener lifestyle. The use of recycled and energy efficient products has increased in both home building and home remodeling to create zero carbon homes. What exactly does this mean is actively discussed on this energy saving forum. Zero carbon homes, after taking into account all energy use, including cooking, laundry, entertainment, heat, cooling, ventilation, lights and hot water, emit net carbon dioxide emissions equal to zero over the course of a year. To achieve this goal, construction materials are efficient and manufactured from sustainable materials. Alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind technologies, are incorporated wherever possible to generate the energy needs of the standard household. Energy saving appliances are paramount in the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy cost savings. If an appliance is not Energy Star rate, make sure that it at least is running in proper fashion. If not, then a faulty part is probably to blame in which case you can just go here and find a replacement. It is easy to address the need for adequate amounts of hot water, for the average family, through the installation of photovoltaic solar panel technology.

Another exciting green technology that is on the rise is ground Source heat pumps which should be included in the Green Deal Scheme.  These renewable energy heaters tap into the already existing ground heat.  Ground source heat pumps consist of several different types of coils buried underground.  The coils are charged with a mixture of water and antifreeze. The liquid circulates through the coils and absorbs the natural ground heat. Utilizing either an under floor or standing radiators it is easy to meet all the heat requirements for any size house. Only the size of the underground system limits the number of buildings this new technology can efficiently heat. The true beauty of this type of system is that no other fuels are required cutting CO2 emissions to minimal levels. If an oil boiler heater is replaced in the standards home with a ground source heat pump system, it would replace up to 500kg of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

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