Bio-Diesel Fuel

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You may have heard about the latest fuel that is available for you car.  Bio-diesel fuel is made of vegetable oils and other natural products to power up your car.  There is no crude oil used, meaning that there is no oil in the fuel that has been imported from third-world countries.  Bio-diesel is considered to be the newest technology in fuel production, and the various makers of this new product have been perfecting the recipe for many years.  

The most obvious benefit is that bio-diesel is completely recyclable, meaning that it helps the environment.  A car that uses bio-diesel fuel will emit less pollution into the air, as opposed to a vehicle that uses traditional diesel fuel.  The smoke from a car that is fueled with this new product is very clear, which is different than the dirty black smoke of regular diesel fuel.  Bio-diesel is also very cheap.  Bio-diesel was first created when someone had the idea to use corn and soy bean oils.  You can even make your own bio-diesel at home.  Restaurants that use a large amount of vegetable oil has to store the excess used oil in a separate container outside.  The recycle plant then comes and gets the oil.  You can ask these restaurants to let you have some of the used oil for your car.  Most of the owners will be very willing to let you have it.  

Keep in mind that if your car is not already set up for bio-diesel, then you cannot simply pour the vegetable oil in your gas tank.  Your engine might need modification first.  Some people will mix bio-diesel with regular diesel to help the car run more smoothly.  Bio-diesel has proven to help a vehicle run better.  This is because the organic fuel has a cetane number of over 100.  Cetane is used to measure the quality of the fuel’s ignition.  Bio-diesel can also help your car last longer.  The purity and clarity of the oil will prevent your car from being worn down by natural pollution and other additives.  The oil will give your car more lubrication.  

There is no need for bio-diesel fuel to be drilled out of the earth, transported, or refined like regular diesel fuel.  Therefore, it is less time consuming and more affordable.  Most bio-fuel is made locally.  There is no need for the community to pay taxes to other countries in order to obtain the fuel, which will in turn, help the growing economy.  Each country has the ability to make their own bio-diesel fuel and it slowly becoming an encouraged act.  

The production of the new organic oil has recently been favored all over the world.  Europe has already made this new idea come true with bio-diesel fuel stations.  There has also been talk about making future cars compatible with bio-diesel fuel in the future.  More and more countries are hearing word of this new development in fuel development.  Our world will be positively affected, as well as our income and our health.

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