Benefits of Organic Cotton T-shirt Printing

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The world is going organic. The last decade or so has seen a sustained growth in methodologies that involve environmentally beneficial processes in the production of capital goods as well as consumer goods. Most countries in the world actively promote and encourage industries that adopt green measures in production. Industries that are environmentally conscious and community friendly manufacture goods that do not damage the environment and the surrounding eco-system. Organic farming and cultivation are practiced as the demand for organic foods is increasing as the common consumer has also woken up to the hard reality that sustaining life on this planet is only possible if everyone actively participates in keeping the world green and the environment healthy.In such a scenario, organic cotton farming methods play their part in contributing to the efforts of other industries that are involved in reducing the damage to the environment. What is organic cotton and why should organic cotton farming be encouraged? Organic cotton is cotton produced by employing environmentally friendly farming methods that rule out use of any harmful pesticides and toxic fertilizers. Organic cotton is grown by using farming methods that use natural fertilizers that do not pollute the environment or damage the fertility of the soil. Organic farming methods employ ingenuity, innovation, and time tested methodologies in cultivating cotton such as using natural predators to eliminate pests that feed on cotton crops, using soil composting methods to eliminate the need for using harmful fertilizers, and using appropriate weeding techniques to rule out using harmful herbicides.
To understand the benefits of organic cotton, one should understand the harmful effects of traditional cotton cultivation. For instance, harmful pesticides that are dangerously toxic and harmful that can fill a sugar cup are needed to produce s single piece of cotton t-shirt, and to produce a single cotton t-shirt in the U.S. using traditional cotton cultivation methods, one third a pound of harmful chemicals is used. Of this, only 10% actually goes into the produce—in this case; cotton—and the balance 90% is released into the soil, atmosphere, and the water table below the ground. What this means is that it won’t be long before the water resources in this planet are fully contaminated by harmful chemicals, and these harmful chemicals will soon end up in everyone’s bodies. 
The beneficial impact of organic cotton farming on the environment is equally supplemented by the financial benefits organic farming methods provide cotton farmers or cultivators. Since the use of costly fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides are not involved in cotton farming, farmers benefit through reduced farmer debt, and a year round harvest and gain are obtained as organic cotton farming advocate crop rotation methods. Apart from that, farmer deaths due to chemical poisoning in water are nil as organic cotton farming does not use synthetic fertilizers that contain toxic ingredients. The above benefits have already been felt in the cotton farming communities of third world countries, and more and more cotton farmers are adopting organic cotton farming methods to reap the health and financial benefits.
Ordinary t-shirt printing methods not only use environmentally harmful substances that are harmful to the wearer, the printing methods and dyes used are also not environmentally friendly. The results are very unhealthy t-shirts, both, to the wearer as well as the environment. There are many good environment-friendly online printing companies that sell printed t- shirts that are not only organically produced, but even the dyes used are azo-free and non-polluting. Buying organic printed t-shirts is the best way to go from here on if we want to contribute our part in saving the planet, and to save ourselves from gradual toxic poisoning.

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