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Bamboo Flooring: A Better Flooring Option for Everyone Involved

Think about what it is that you look for in flooring for your home. You want something attractive, but you want something durable at the same time. Affordability also likely tops your list, just as it is with most home owners looking to improve the look of their home.

If you are into green living, bamboo flooring is the only option. Not only does it eliminate a major source of household allergens in carpet, but it also helps to save valuable earth friendly trees that would have otherwise been cut down for hardwood floors.

Outside of the green living perks, bamboo flooring has other benefits as well. For one, this is one of the sturdier types of flooring out there. It has a lot more durability to it than most other types of hardwood flooring, up to 25 percent more durable at that.

In addition to its extra durability bamboo flooring has aesthetic advantages as well. While it does look a lot like traditional hardwood flooring and your friends may never know the difference, they may be able to tell that there is something different about your hardwood flooring. Bamboo flooring is unique to say the least.

Outside of what sets it apart, bamboo flooring is sold a lot like regular hardwood floors. You can buy planks of wood for flooring for your home, or you can buy it in a tongue and groove format. Bamboo flooring has a lot of value. Many people are under the impression that bamboo flooring is going to be much cheaper than traditional flooring while that is not the case. It is an exceptional value because of the fact that the product is of such high quality.

People often mistake bamboo flooring for cork flooring, another sensible alternative for wood flooring in your home. This flooring is more comfortable than bamboo, and since it comes from a renewable source it is much less harsh on the environment. This is why it is another great option for green living friendly flooring for your home.

If you want something beautiful, unique, and super long lasting bamboo flooring is the way to go. You can have a lovelier home and help the environment all in one fell swoop.

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  1. Sam Small  November 5, 2008

    All things Bamboo:

    Bamboo’s utilization in a energy efficient home isn’t limited to bamboo flooring – you can actually build your entire house from bamboo. Bamboo Technologies has pioneered international building code approval of Structural Bamboo as legitimate building material. The Bamboo Living Factory in Viet Nam prefabricates entire houses that are building code approved, hurricane and earthquake strong, and fully insurable and mortgageable. Not only are these houses supremely “Green” , they are totally awesome to live in. I know because I live in one. You can see it at