Alternative Fuels

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Alternative fuels are changing the way that our world views various forms of gasoline.  Consumers are now becoming conscious of the impact that their purchases have on the environment.  Oil companies are also starting to realize that they can change the way their fuel is made in order to continue a growing business.  Alternative fuels are all fuels that contain no oil.  Most of the fuel is made from corn or other waste materials.  The positive aspect of these new fuels allows the environment to be cleaner and people to be more healthy.  

Global warming is becoming a large awareness for people all over the world.  Consumers are trying to buy products to keep this phenomenon from taking place.  In turn, this is putting a lot of oil companies under the spotlight for fueling to this disastrous occurrence.  In response to this worry, the oil companies are producing alternative fuels.  Car companies have also started to invest in the alternative fuel market.  Many of the newer cars being produced can run on alternative fuel methods such as ethanol, E85, and electricity.  Electric cars are the newest hit in the car dealerships.  These vehicles are also known as “hybrid” cars.  

The technicians at car shops and car dealerships are also being trained about the new alternative fuel cars.  They are asked to learn about bio-diesel, propane fuel, ethanol, and other alternative methods.  Many gas stations are also reacting to the new eco friendly option.  In response, the gas companies are designing their gas stations so that one or two types of alternative fuel is offered.  The idea is that many consumers want to change their fuel habits, but do not have the time to make their own bio-diesel or other alternative.  Therefore, the gas stations provide this new method making it easier on the consumer and putting extra funds in the pocket of the gas company.  

The Clean Air Act of 1990 helped to produce these new alternative methods of fueling.  The first method was ethanol, which is a fuel made from corn oil, also referred to as “grain alcohol”.  Ethanol can also be made from other plant materials.  The alcohol that is in beer and wine is another form of ethanol.  Some say that ethanol is not as energy efficient as other fueling options, but companies have been working on the recipe to make it more efficient.  

As this new alternative method of fueling becomes popular, consumers and companies are being effected.  Obviously the effect is positive.  It will benefit the consumers because they are not having to spend as much money, the environment is becoming a healthier place to live in, and businesses are growing in a positive way.  In the coming years, alternative methods for fuel is expected to increase greatly in popularity.  Countries all over the world are hearing word of this new advancement in eco-friendly products.  They are working daily to produce new methods of fueling and to help make it easier on consumers to obtain the new fuel.

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